Mood Swings and fluctuations

10:49 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

Mood swings and fluctuations,
Have started all over again,
Know not whats the reason for it,
Know not whats the pain,
Totally disturbed is my mind,
As if its an alien,
The reason I can not find,
As to Why am I behaving like this.

Feeling like crying my heart out,
But do not really know why,
And what can be the solution to this,
How shall i to make my mood better try,
But recourse is required,
Can not play with myself,
So that my mind's not tired,
And can see my rejuvenated self...


The awesome blossom weather

10:14 AM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

The awesome blossom weather,
This Monday morning,
Has finally been bestowed on us,
And the day starts without a yawning,
Birds sound more chirpy,
On the trees singing a pleasant song,
The weather ultra romantic,
Hope it stays so for long,
A feeling of rejuvenation,
Of change all around,
Is experienced as the inclination,
Of this weather seems spell bound,
A prayer comes from deep inside my heart,
Let the weather be such,
And the breeze and showers never depart.