What do I write?????

9:20 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

No topic to write on,
No feelings to express right away,
I feel but there's something inside me,
Which really wants to find its way.
Know what here to go,
Not sure how to proceed,
Looks like I am a toddler,
Who's desperately waiting to have his feed.
Thoughts which always had a continuous flow,
Today are no-where to be found.
Amidst all this confusion on my mind,
And still nothing so decisive happening,
Don't know how do I these thoughts wind,
And everything seems so dampening.
Its a different sense altogether,
A sudden feeling of total fright,
And I really cannot make out,
What do I write?????


i want to have everything

3:35 PM vineet 0 Comments

i want to have everything , i mean everything
from the hairs of a golden hen , to the golden berries they bring

i want the world , i want the universe , i want the space
i want my enigma of wishes understood with the best grace

i want to love whatever i do and be loved for the same
i want to rank prime in terms of money , power and fame

i wanna say everything what i feel nd sometimes without any feel
i wanna hear everthing said for me , whether said on or off real

i wanna observe every fragrance spread just for my senses
i wanna play every game nd win them every time with no nuances

i wanna pursue every study i like to learn about
i wanna sue every body who inadvertently churn and shout

i wanna write whatever my heart orders my pen
i wanna right things the way it is prescribed by Zen

i wanna do , i want to do , i will do whatever , wherever , whenever i eyes to sustain
i will accept everything given by almighty,  smiles , strength , sweet , sorrows or pain


I stand up and just say to myself

6:09 PM vineet 0 Comments

I stand up and just say to myself
That I can do anything if I wish to
I can create and expand my niche too
I am the world for my own requirements
Its my choice to light up required vents
I screams strong for my own thought shelfs
I stand up and just say to myself

I stand up and just say to myself
That quit is not in my dictionary
than why to waste this life for free
I wanna do what I want to activate
In my own ways and through my own gate
I can fight for myself even against an elf
I stand up and just say to myself

I stand up and just say to myself
That I m a gift and i am here to succeed
whatever i do , my pure soul concede
i don't want to confirm my instinct every now and then
i am faithful to my ideas , even if disagreed by whole wen
all will be all right , as time and destiny written it itself
i stand up and just say to myself

i stand up and just say to myself
live as you want to and make most of the time
colour yourself white , and life will run smooth like a rhyme.

just stand up and say to myself
that i am a son of thyself
that I am dear son of the almighty thyself


Maybe I should re-live my childhood

6:58 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

Today how much I feel,
That my life could rewind its reel,
Altogether I would like to re-live,
And let others my real potential believe.

Would love re-living my childhood days,
Where I can all over again trace,
The fun and frolic I've always had,
The days which were never gloomy and sad.

The immature mind,
Which would see all good,
The nature so kind,
Not Rancor or rude.

Everything and everyone was just so nice,
Politics at every stage had just no premise,
To make this time all over again good,
May be I should re-live my childhood.


A really close friend

8:34 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

With a friend like you in my life,happiness is supposed to be there at all times..one of my closest friends...Indeed my best friend typo...So u deserve a special mention on my blog...A special poem for u Vineet

We talk without reasons,
We talk without a topic,
Sometimes totally irrational,
But Yes it has "the feel good factor".

The first thought never ignited,
that we will remain friends for so long,
but good god has graced us with,
This beautiful gift of being friends.

So alike we think,
But irrationally at times I behave,
your advise however works,
at all times for me..

Something in you,
inspires me a lot,
I guess its in you and is,
your positivity in the first shot.

The way you inspire me,
to study really hard,
as if u have been reading for me,
some readings via a tarot card.

Adding more to your personality,
is your dynamic nature,
but how I really wonder,
Can God create such a multi-talented creature.

Born to give happiness to all,
Wish you never see pitfalls,
Another wish that come from my heart,
May we remain friends forever.