Missing you....

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Daily I meet someone with a similar name,
Ishika (My dear L'il Sis)
And the wait to meet you seems so long,
The way we meet every six months,
And then when  you go,my cry is a sad song.

You will be here in less than a month,
Preparations already on to welcome you,
But, with very passing day my girl,
I just hope th wait ends like drops of dew.

When I hear the name daily,
A sudden feeling in me is hopeful,
My sister would be in Delhi soon,
And the days would become even more joyful.

You make me cry, You make me laugh,
You just make me feel so dear,
But, as your days draw near to gt back home,
The feeling makes me cry and your sis wants to be to you all the more near.

Missing you kiddo.... Hope to see you as soon as your school vacations start.


A "Sorry" is not always enough

12:58 AM CS Reema Jain 4 Comments

The five letter word,
Makes a difference for sure,
But not,when intentionally done,
And repeated over time with no cure.

Its not always,
That you have to win,
Its not always,
That I have committed a sin.

Its not that I should be patient always,
Its not that I should always be hurt,
But you should learn to mend your ways,
Or else in our friendship it will scatter dirt.

Its just that I am feeling bit bad,
And that I now wish to take a stand,
That your words be better now or never,
And that shall decide- We friends-Never or Forever.....


Impromptu (contd.)

12:24 AM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

The dart game is taking a toll on me,
Sometimes I feel I am strong and upright,
And sometimes as if I am going crazy.

Feeling frenzied and,
I do not know what is it,
But sometimes as if like a tight band on my hand.

Words seeming scattered,
Feelings totally shattered,
And I have been battered.

Its not always you who should win the quarrel,
Not always bcz of you it should be a low-feeling me,
Coz baby its not just about You,
But about You,Me and We.

(No resemblance with anyone and no parallels with reality to be drawn.It is purely a work of fiction)



11:47 AM CS Reema Jain 6 Comments

It's a sudden outburst of my emotions,
Or something that I wanted to say,
But, off-late I have realized it big time,
Such decisions need not be taken in haste.
The first step is through,
Yet there is a lot more to go,
My words won't maybe express,
But my eyes would definitely show.
A different feeling altogether,
Is captivating my mind and heart,
And I do not know why I feel as if,
I am being arrowed and I am a dart.
(To be continued.....)

(No resemblance with anyone and no parallels with reality to be drawn.It is purely a work of fiction)


B'day celebrations 17th Sept'2010 (Edition 1& 2)

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A chronological entry of the day's events:
1. 11:45 pm 16th Sept,2010...Call from a friend to keep you busy and wish at 00:00am exactly.
2. 11:55am Ms. Mohua Dutta (Best Friend Part - 1) calls...and this is a strictly unavoidable call and one which is not to be delayed..Reminiscent of college times,when we used to keep chittering and chattering...
3. All calls Lined and messages too still late at night..to mention my close friends Vineet Singhal,Onkar,Sagar,Kamini,Harpreet urf Roshni urf Preeto(Best Friend Part-2), Varun urf Bhalla Paapdi,Ritesh......and many more to count....until 1:55 am...
4. Its almost 2am...about to sleep and 2 calls which keep me awake till around 3:15 am...Thanks Kamal and Shubham bhaiya...
5. 8:00 am 17th Sept...and for the first time in soo many days I am up sooo early...Thanx to my dearest masi's early morning wish on my b'day...
6. calls and messages  continuing the entire day....
7. Plans get finalised for the evening at around 1:30pm...
8. All set and out of home at 2:30pm....And meet one of my students on the route..who is now a friend..(Surbhi Chawla)..THanx Surbhi that u met me and posted a status msg regarding the same..Loved it too...
9. Meet Kamini (her name's like this) and Ritesh at Yamuna Bank Metro Station and proceed further for The Great India Place,Noida....
10. Finally meeting all my closest friends there...Something special to mention now,,,::::
#Harpreet - Her plan was likely to get cancelled..coz coming via metro she would have to change it    thrice...But,then she finally drove till Noida and went some 5-10 kms away from GIP to realise she lost her way...but she came...Thanx my love...
#Kamini - She was unwell the entire day prior to meeting..but she came...
#Ritesh - Office bunk karke aaya bhai....
#Varun - Office mein half day....hehehehe....
#Vineet- Until afternoon his plans of coming had been cancelled by him...as he had  back to back classes to attend from 7am -4pm....and then he had a bit of work to complete,but he managed to come on time...
#Sagar - The last one to enter at 6:15pm...but What matters is that he came.....
#Onkar - Missed u...Had u been in Delhi...mazaa aur aata
11. Right from food to games all was fun...the bowling..with me cracking down all pins less 2 in the game
(and I had never played it before),The pool,Air Hockey,Truth & Dare...
12. And then the photo session in the end....THe entire group...
13. Then we all started searching Harpreet's car as the lady had forgotten where she had parked it....And finally after 20 mins of struggle,found it....Eureka....
14. Then on our way back home,bid adieu to each other...
15. Back home around 9pm...with my family and bua and her son(obvio my cousin) there,waiting for me to come and cut the cake...the extra yummy chocolate cake that i loved a lot...Thank Dad and Chachu and Megha Di for getting that...And the cake is cut...
16. Time is around 10:30pm...A friend lands in Delhi from Hyderabad(Manish Bhaiya)..And calls to wish me and says he is probably the last one to wish...but he is not...
Another one working in Mumbai(Tarun Khurana) and yet another one in Bangalore(Atul Garg) call around the same time and in their respective calls add the same line "Probably the last one to wish....."...But its still not the end....
And the last one(Shanky)...in Delhi....Calls at around 11:30pm saying....last night pataa nahi tha..morning i realised...afternoon Did not feel like wishing then..and thought to be the last one to wish...so achieved the target finally....And this was the last wish....

Apart from wishes flooding in on 17th...some others did wish a belated happy b'day on 18th too....
And to all of you....what I can say is Thank you grls & guys...Your wishes truly made my day....

(Edition 3&4 pending as and when I meet Mohua & my school friends and 2 more friends of mine...And then i think...my b'day and b'day parties would finally end...)


It's raining and raining in happiness

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It's raining and raining in happiness,
The world seems at my feet,
With everything just blossoming around,
Seems there are no hesitations to keep.
It's a time to spring up,
and let yourself loose,
and surely all f us can,
let loose our dancing shoes.
A ray of positivity is felt all around,
Something that sets me free,not bound,
And every prayer seems to be heard,
And every feeling gets its word.


A realization on a rainy day

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It rained all day,
but it still seemed so bright,
Seems as if I have conquered,
All my fears and inner fright.
I was busy searching,
The best for me,
Without having realized,
Its innate in me.
There's something new that I can sense,
Something that I can feel,
That may it be success or failure,
It is actually no big deal.
Failure and success are,
Truly a part of life,
It always in the end gives happiness,
After initial short-lived pain and strife.

So its just to give your best that matters the most......


Mood Swings and fluctuations

10:49 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

Mood swings and fluctuations,
Have started all over again,
Know not whats the reason for it,
Know not whats the pain,
Totally disturbed is my mind,
As if its an alien,
The reason I can not find,
As to Why am I behaving like this.

Feeling like crying my heart out,
But do not really know why,
And what can be the solution to this,
How shall i to make my mood better try,
But recourse is required,
Can not play with myself,
So that my mind's not tired,
And can see my rejuvenated self...


The awesome blossom weather

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The awesome blossom weather,
This Monday morning,
Has finally been bestowed on us,
And the day starts without a yawning,
Birds sound more chirpy,
On the trees singing a pleasant song,
The weather ultra romantic,
Hope it stays so for long,
A feeling of rejuvenation,
Of change all around,
Is experienced as the inclination,
Of this weather seems spell bound,
A prayer comes from deep inside my heart,
Let the weather be such,
And the breeze and showers never depart.


Cool new apps on Facebook now-a-days

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For the past one week,I was trying to pass my time,as i am extra velli these days..and then I came across this amazing cool new application on Facebook named "Gossipwine"..Had heard of various communication channels and infact read about them in Business studies sometime..
But,then this is so different...
Here you get to irritate and take panga with your friends so easily..and sure shot they would never mind..
And moreover,
Old friends can talk back again...a nice zaria....it has happened with me.....
For those who came to know a bit about it from my blog..see the application for yourself...adding a link to it here,in this post itself...


Meri random thoughts ki hadd

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Solitude is all what I deserve,
When I get people on their nerves...

Can not really stand up to their expectations,
And when I kind of ,find all routes for evasions...

Nothing in me seems so positive to say,
And when I really cannot find my way...

Then alone I can see myself,
No window to hide,not even a shelf....

Life as if,has taken a curve,
And solitude is all what I deserve.


10:08 PM CS Reema Jain 1 Comments

Just a random thought on my mind....
How do I,it unwind...
Nothing so explicit to be said,
But its something unheard unread...
This feeling which has taken a toll on me...
My heart feels caged, not free....
But,still I am amidst a riddle,
Should I, with this feeling fiddle...
Words too less to express this....
But how I wish I could express it...
But,then God would play his magic wand,
And take us in its wide expanse...

Then, maybe I would be able to decipher and react accordingly to this feeling....


What do I write?????

9:20 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

No topic to write on,
No feelings to express right away,
I feel but there's something inside me,
Which really wants to find its way.
Know what here to go,
Not sure how to proceed,
Looks like I am a toddler,
Who's desperately waiting to have his feed.
Thoughts which always had a continuous flow,
Today are no-where to be found.
Amidst all this confusion on my mind,
And still nothing so decisive happening,
Don't know how do I these thoughts wind,
And everything seems so dampening.
Its a different sense altogether,
A sudden feeling of total fright,
And I really cannot make out,
What do I write?????


i want to have everything

3:35 PM vineet 0 Comments

i want to have everything , i mean everything
from the hairs of a golden hen , to the golden berries they bring

i want the world , i want the universe , i want the space
i want my enigma of wishes understood with the best grace

i want to love whatever i do and be loved for the same
i want to rank prime in terms of money , power and fame

i wanna say everything what i feel nd sometimes without any feel
i wanna hear everthing said for me , whether said on or off real

i wanna observe every fragrance spread just for my senses
i wanna play every game nd win them every time with no nuances

i wanna pursue every study i like to learn about
i wanna sue every body who inadvertently churn and shout

i wanna write whatever my heart orders my pen
i wanna right things the way it is prescribed by Zen

i wanna do , i want to do , i will do whatever , wherever , whenever i eyes to sustain
i will accept everything given by almighty,  smiles , strength , sweet , sorrows or pain


I stand up and just say to myself

6:09 PM vineet 0 Comments

I stand up and just say to myself
That I can do anything if I wish to
I can create and expand my niche too
I am the world for my own requirements
Its my choice to light up required vents
I screams strong for my own thought shelfs
I stand up and just say to myself

I stand up and just say to myself
That quit is not in my dictionary
than why to waste this life for free
I wanna do what I want to activate
In my own ways and through my own gate
I can fight for myself even against an elf
I stand up and just say to myself

I stand up and just say to myself
That I m a gift and i am here to succeed
whatever i do , my pure soul concede
i don't want to confirm my instinct every now and then
i am faithful to my ideas , even if disagreed by whole wen
all will be all right , as time and destiny written it itself
i stand up and just say to myself

i stand up and just say to myself
live as you want to and make most of the time
colour yourself white , and life will run smooth like a rhyme.

just stand up and say to myself
that i am a son of thyself
that I am dear son of the almighty thyself


Maybe I should re-live my childhood

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Today how much I feel,
That my life could rewind its reel,
Altogether I would like to re-live,
And let others my real potential believe.

Would love re-living my childhood days,
Where I can all over again trace,
The fun and frolic I've always had,
The days which were never gloomy and sad.

The immature mind,
Which would see all good,
The nature so kind,
Not Rancor or rude.

Everything and everyone was just so nice,
Politics at every stage had just no premise,
To make this time all over again good,
May be I should re-live my childhood.


A really close friend

8:34 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

With a friend like you in my life,happiness is supposed to be there at all times..one of my closest friends...Indeed my best friend typo...So u deserve a special mention on my blog...A special poem for u Vineet

We talk without reasons,
We talk without a topic,
Sometimes totally irrational,
But Yes it has "the feel good factor".

The first thought never ignited,
that we will remain friends for so long,
but good god has graced us with,
This beautiful gift of being friends.

So alike we think,
But irrationally at times I behave,
your advise however works,
at all times for me..

Something in you,
inspires me a lot,
I guess its in you and is,
your positivity in the first shot.

The way you inspire me,
to study really hard,
as if u have been reading for me,
some readings via a tarot card.

Adding more to your personality,
is your dynamic nature,
but how I really wonder,
Can God create such a multi-talented creature.

Born to give happiness to all,
Wish you never see pitfalls,
Another wish that come from my heart,
May we remain friends forever.


जाने क्यूँ

8:30 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

जाने क्यूँ दिन में भी कभी कभी अँधेरा होता है,
पर ये भी सच है की हर रात के बाद ही सवेरा होता है.

जाने क्यूँ जीत से पहले हार का एक नजराना ज़रूर होता है,
पर हार का पैमाना पता नही क्यूँ हमेशा ही पाना होता है.

जाने क्यूँ ये दिल अनजाना कुछ पाना चाहता है,
पर मिलती फिर भी हर ओर निराशा है.

जाने क्यूँ ये दिल एक नया आसमान चाहता है,
जिसमे एक अनोखा अपना आशियाँ बनाने की आशा है.

जाने क्यूँ फिर भी एक उम्मीद हमेशा पलती है,
कि समय के साथ साथ हर प्रार्थना फलती है.


Life is beautiful-a romantic comedy

10:47 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

Guido who wants to go ahead for opening a bookstore,takes a job as a waiter in the interim.Lives with Uncle(forgotten Uncle's name),and loves Dora,the school teacher(from an aristocratic Italian family) and Dora's parents want her to marry a well-to do civil servant.The Indianness of the movie comes where Dora runs with her lover from her engagement.They get married,have a happy family inclusive of a son:Giosue.Here again there's another Indian aspect ki love marriage k baad maa baap ne accept nhi kia and d bechari daughter n mother r estranged,but,they reconcile finallllllllly,before Giosue's fourth birthday.

A Nazi Concentration Camp,attended by Uncle,Guido & Giosue.Mum Dora(only 1 in red in train as compared to the dark colored clothes others are wearing) goes to her mum.Bollywood Flick "Tara Rum Pum Pum" would surely have taken the inspiration of their poorness as a game to the kids from this movie where Guido tries to convince Giosue badly that The Nazi Concentration Camp is a game.And The camp guards ought to be mean because they want tanks for themselves.Surrounded by rampant death and people and all their sicknesses.The innocent child came easily in the trap,thanx to the wonderful show by his dad and his convincing power of course.

The caring father dies trying to find d mother and making his child laugh even in his last moments.Giosue reunited with Dora..Giosue realizes years later his father's sacrifice.The movie however in both rewind and forward mode is narrated by Giosue himself.

A touching story..Loved it...Got tears badly in my eyes..
Saw it thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to 2 new friends(Courtesy:EduMENTOR) Anujay Mathur aand Abhinav Malhotra...Keep referring me good movies...


Who am I?

10:13 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

Sometimes I ponder as to who am I,
Just a puppet in God's hands,
Or am I an obedient girl at my place,
Or still to go,
A strict teacher at work?
Or A student who really wants to make things work?

Am I a die-hard romantic,
Or hopelessly romantic am I,
Or should I call myself as,
Some one who would never tread this path of love,
Coz maybe because,
Thats the way I am and have been.

May be I am,
Just a simple girl,
swaying along with life's realities,
but flamboyant of course,
to make my presence felt,
At all certain times for sure.

(To be contd............)



9:07 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

दोस्त मिलते हैं,
कुछ बिछड़ जाते हैं,
कुछ लोग नए दोस्त बनाके,
फिर उन्हें ही भूल जाते हैं.

कुछ को आसान नहीं लगता ये सफ़र,
कुछ को कभी लगता है भंवर,
कुछ को लगती है ये काँटों की डगर,
पर सबसे आसान है इसकी ही डगर.

ऐ मुस्तफा दोस्ती में हमेशा जीत नहीं होती
पर इससे गहरी कोई [प्रीत नहीं होती,
दोस्त ही हो सकते हैं सुख-दुःख के मीत,
जी लो इन पलों को इससे पहले ये जाएँ बीत.



9:00 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

A simple girl,
who loves living life,
Shuffling herself,
In the middle of every trife,
Totally in for,
The novelty in her life,
But still for success,
She will always thrive.

Family is really important,
Close friends really few,
But making new friends,
Is indeed not like short-lived drops of dew.

Jolly and cheerful is she,
Dynamism and vigor filled in by thee,
Passionate for whatever she does,
Believes in setting various trends.

The girl I have been explaining about,
Such a rare creature is she,
And don't feel irritated now,
That i was actually telling you about me.


Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?

7:09 PM CS Reema Jain 1 Comments

A certain thought,
flashes over my mind again and again.

Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?

A sudden and impromtu shower the other day,
was such a beautiful surprise at the bay.

It was a surprise gift by thee,
which filled us all with utter happiness and anxiety.

Pakoras and coffee are indeed the best of treats.

On such a day,
If out with friends,
All sadness on its own bends,
Happiness,fun,frolic all around,
Wud Love to in such rain drench down.

In case of spontaneous programs being made,
wud love long drives with friends' houses in middle to raid,
And masti fully all over again,

Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?

The sunny afternoons loosing their way,
Air-conditioned rooms being disposed away,
With everyone willing to step out of home in no vain,

Y does Rain God not bless us all over again?


Feeling like writing yet again

1:58 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

I am feeling like writing yet again,
Don't know what and how exactly to say,
But,still my hands keep moving all way.

A flush of all emotions in and out,
Something within me is it,
which wants to sprout.

Something unsensed unheard from long,
What i previously on my own could not even guess,
And, now it feels so real and strong.

People say romance is on the cards,
Love and luck with wide open arms,
My mind is still standing as a guard.

No one believes I am single still,
They say, Baby ur poems say it all,
So u better chill.

I wonder how,
I am romantic at heart,
driving on my own my heart's cart.

I wonder again,
to who will he be,
As an answer to my wishes to the divine thee.


Random thought agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......................

12:53 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

Please note:I have not been listening to Annie's Song by John Denver...(Its just that a friend made a mention to me that my poem and the song has quite a lot of resemblance)

Like a night in the forest,
Or a star in the desert,
Like mountains in the spring,
Or a sleepy blue ocean,
The great equalizer of death,
Stands equivalent to life today.


Heyyyyyyyy baby(A random thought:I am getting too philosophical)

12:45 PM CS Reema Jain 3 Comments

I was all lost,
Just as in the tides of the sea,
U came as my saviour baby.

U fill the void of my life,
As an empty vessel i stood,
U've filled the void in me.

You fill up my senses,
Like a walk in the rain,
My heart asks u to fill me again.

Like a cloud unburst,
Thousands of desires,
Now feel the upthrust.

A feeling so tough,
On way to be fulfilled,
But yet not enough.


Its love indeed

12:32 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

T'was love indeed,
No infactuation was it,
All feelings have outgrown,
Yes t'was love.

T'was love indeed,
Surpassing all beliefs supreme,
Feeling like a baby newborn,
Yes t'was love.

T'was love indeed,
Living and death all as one to be,
Sounding like an unblown horn,
Yes t'was love.

T'was love indeed,
Love in the air seems to be,
In happiness i both cry and mourn,
Yes t'was love.
Its love indeed.


Random Thought

4:21 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

A radiant smile sparkling on that face,
An innocent eye sparkling bright,
The individual I here praise,
Fills you with happiness and just no fright.

Symbolic of a true friend,
Is the genuineness on that face,
All happiness to me who lends,
May God bless our friendship's pace.


Loved by the Divine

9:18 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

It feels as if am loved by the divine,
And every happiness just seems to be mine,
No stopping of the array of joy,
Good memories all stuffed in this life's toy.

Divinity which instills all positives in me,
My mind from varied tensions stays free,
All in all what stays with me all time,
Is the holy love and guiding light of The Divine.


A Dedication to 6 really close friends

7:56 PM CS Reema Jain 5 Comments

You stand as a synonym to word "friends"
You stand with me by far and large
You are a gift in true sense
Who keeps me happy with all charge

My sorrows are played upon you
Turning them all into joy and happiness
And all my low tides are reduced to few
Thanks to our friendship's chirpiness

The beautiful bond that we share
The wonderful equation that we pair
In so many words how u care
Is found among friends so rare

Hope this spirit never ends,
May our friendship never die
Inspite of all sorts of bends,
May happiness rule we never cry

The care keeps developing more,
Making each realize the essence of other
Turning it deeper on the core,
The flower of friendship never wither

The enormous fun we create ,
The ever nonsensical mood we have
Has given us a beautiful fate
Which we should never ever rate

The kiddishness in me,
Well accepted by you
How its about us and not me ,
We are the best of friends so true

Standing for each other at odd times ,
In happiness as all do
For a true friend u stand prime ,
And such friends are really few

Each's deficiency fulfilled by the other ,
Supplementing each other to the best
Any kind of hindrance never to us bother
We are the best above all the rest

Together we are the best of all,
Fun filled yet sensible at the same time
In front of problems we stand tall
As for we friends  "we" stands prime



7:53 PM CS Reema Jain 0 Comments

Masti mazaa karne ka aaya time,
feeling as if on cloud nine,
it's time to party harder than always,
because rang layee hain bahut saari prays.



7:51 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

Love is a dream,
So far so good.
It feels as the best,
until it puts you to test.



7:08 PM CS Reema Jain 5 Comments

A bell rings in my heart today,
No words,do not know what to say,
A new feeling seems to have crept in,
May everything lose,this feeling win.



7:05 PM CS Reema Jain 4 Comments

A new desire has aroused,
In which i have droused,
Feelings are totally mixed,
Colors of it variable,not fixed.



7:04 PM CS Reema Jain 2 Comments

A beautiful day is saying goodbye,
Wish it heartily,Do not feel shy,
Plan your wishes for days to follow,
So that Your life is successful and not hollow


As i step into the 9th day of 2010

1:45 PM CS Reema Jain 5 Comments

As today the world steps into the 9th day of 2010,some lines for some people are required(this idea belongs to a friend of mine,who would get the mention for it in this post):

My Family Its a new year,a new beginning.There for you and would love to keep up more than all your expectations from me..Love You.

Mohua We should remain the same as we are for each other forever and for always baby.

Priyanka,Kamini,Sagar,ChikkiGuys this year is crucial for all of us...Exams and results all lined up in a line...starting ofcourse with mine..We should still have all the masti and fun,inspite of the schedules of some of us,along with studies too......(CA students ki life mein ye studies word kyun chipka rehta hai)

Shailesh Thanks for the mention on your blog.Infact actually no thanks..Thanks for this idea(Finally given you the credit for it)..Almost a year and inspite of all our issues that keep coming up,we've maintained or bond of friendship...Cheerz...Even your results are round the corner,may the best happen to you...

Vineet Singhal and Gaurav Sharma Vineet keeps up the friendship by reminding daily that we are all alive and need to be in contact..The baniya does this inspite of his baniya-giri....May the world say whatever..we are best of friends...Jitni baatein karaalo...hum dono chup nhi honge...I guess this is the mantra we follow....And Gaurav is the gem of a person.In his subtle ways and mannerisms,he cares for his friends and keeps the pace of the friendship we three share.

Hena,Mirang and KushalEnded the last year by meeting..Guys and Girl we need to meet up more often this year now...Its only then that the leg pulling would be regular and so would be our vibrant friendship since school times..Cheers to the batch of 2005 at SFS

Anurup We should continue to be friends as we are and should start updating our latest blog...You keep clicking and i would pen down the expressions....And one thing that i have learnt from you is really good :"Forget what people say,consider what you are to yourself"

And all my other friends(known and unknown)(remembered and forgotten)Happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr



10:42 AM CS Reema Jain 5 Comments

Planning to write something new,
Feelings are vast and words are few,
will this feeling stay for long,
Or vanish like drops of dew........