9:37 PM CS Reema Jain 7 Comments

References references everywhere, not a place to go...Well this line seems pretty much appropriate, as regard the present times. Imagine God asking you outside a temple,"Come inside the temple and worship me,only if you have a worthy reference." How would that be? Yesterday,i.e. on 8th of December,2008, me and my friend Priyanka Rai, went to Connaught Place to submit olur C.V.'s for articleship(training in C.A.,for my friends who are not aware of it)..We were quite disturbed and demoralised to see the magic references do, in the present scenaio..Each and every office, would place your Curriculum Vitae in its Trash Box, until and unless,it carries with itself a reference...Talent and aptitude has lost its worth without a JACK...What matters is the "Brand Name", you carry on your C.V., when you get inside an office?Nothing happenning,it was just an entire day out moving from office to office, for a good training for a good career ahead,but all in vain..Reason,or maybe our fault:We did not have a reference? We just thought that how would it be later,incase,if for every thing there had to be a reference..A reference to make a friend..A reference to get admitted in a hospital...A reference to buy a medicine...A reference to hire a taxi...A reference to live......